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The owner, Asit Bhattacharya, is an ardent dog lover and a Certified Dog Training Professional. After completing his academics, He chose his passion to be his profession and has been training professionally for the last 8 years. Besides providing Dog Training, he helps the Dog Owners teach the Handling Skills to better manage their dogs and thereby better understand their pet friends, as the saying goes: A dog is a man’s best friend, and He helps you make sure that you understand your four-legged best friend even better providing you with those simple tips and techniques. Mentioned below are the courses, Asit has completed that equips him with the skills along with the various articles on Training & Health.


Establishing Pack Structure with your family Pet. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months. (By Ed Frawly)
Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)
4. The Power of Training Dogs with Food. (By Michael Ellis)
5. The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog. (By Michael Ellis)
6. Building Drive, Grip and Focus. (By Bernhard Flinks )
7. Training a Competition Healing Dog. (By Tom Rose)
8. Dealing with Aggressive and Dominant Dogs. (By Ed Frawly)
9. Training the Jumps. ( By Michael Ellis)
10. Training the Retrieve. ( By Michael Ellis)
11. The Object Guard Dog Training. ( By Michael Ellis)
12. How to raise a working Puppy. (By Ed Frawly)
13. The first step of Bite Training. (By Ed Frawly)
14. The Power Of Training Dogs With Markers. (By Michael Ellis )




1. How we Manage Dogs in Our Home- A Road Map to Success. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)


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Foods that are toxic for dogs & they should never eat

Grapes & Raisins: Although the toxic sources are unknown but consuming this fruit can lead to damaged kidney in dogs. So make sure your dogs and pups are out of these fruits.

Garlic & Onion: Although a little amount of garlic is beneficial for dogs in their daily diet as this is an anti-inflammatory agent, anti-cancer agent, helps to regulate blood pressure, strengthen the body's defences against allergies and many more. I personally add garlic in my dog’s diet everyday. So giving reasonable amount of garlic has many benefits but do not exceed the limit. Never give onions to dog.

Mushrooms: Results in seizures, tremors, and organ failure. Although not all species of mushrooms are toxic for dogs but recognizing the good one or the toxic is questionable so it’s better not to feed them mushrooms.

Apple Seeds: Feeding apple in a reasonable amount is healthy for dogs but make sure your dogs are not eating the apple seed as it contains cyanide and is very toxic for dogs.

Tomato Plants: Tomato plants are toxic so make sure your dog is not consuming while roaming in your garden which can cause Gastrointestinal problems.

Apricot Plants: Apricot plants are also like tomato plants which contains cyanide so be careful if you have it in your garden.

Alcohol: I have seen few dog owners get fun to make their dog consume alcohol, they are freaking crazy. Alcohol can cause not only intoxication, lack of coordination, poor breathing but it can even result in coma & death.

Cooked Bones: Due to molecular changes after cooked, bones can easily splinter when chewed by your dog. But you can give uncooked raw bones safely for their nutritional fulfilment & for their teeth.

Chewing gum: It can cause kidney failure as it contains Xylitol and it can also affect your dog’s teeth & gums.

Coffee or any dark chocolates: Contains Caffeine which can cause death to your dog if consumed in large amounts.

Milk & Dairy Products: Since dogs are lactose intolerant they can get an upset stomach or diarrhoea consuming milk product in large amounts.

Sugar & Salt: It is okay to give a little bit of salt in diet but do not give sugar to your dog as it can cause dental issues, obesity, and even diabetes.

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