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The owner, Asit Bhattacharya, is an ardent dog lover and a Certified Dog Training Professional. After completing his academics, He chose his passion to be his profession and has been training professionally for the last 8 years. Besides providing Dog Training, he helps the Dog Owners teach the Handling Skills to better manage their dogs and thereby better understand their pet friends, as the saying goes: A dog is a man’s best friend, and He helps you make sure that you understand your four-legged best friend even better providing you with those simple tips and techniques. Mentioned below are the courses, Asit has completed that equips him with the skills along with the various articles on Training & Health.


Establishing Pack Structure with your family Pet. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months. (By Ed Frawly)
Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)
4. The Power of Training Dogs with Food. (By Michael Ellis)
5. The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog. (By Michael Ellis)
6. Building Drive, Grip and Focus. (By Bernhard Flinks )
7. Training a Competition Healing Dog. (By Tom Rose)
8. Dealing with Aggressive and Dominant Dogs. (By Ed Frawly)
9. Training the Jumps. ( By Michael Ellis)
10. Training the Retrieve. ( By Michael Ellis)
11. The Object Guard Dog Training. ( By Michael Ellis)
12. How to raise a working Puppy. (By Ed Frawly)
13. The first step of Bite Training. (By Ed Frawly)
14. The Power Of Training Dogs With Markers. (By Michael Ellis )




1. How we Manage Dogs in Our Home- A Road Map to Success. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)


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Grooming your pet is one of the wonderful ways to establish a good bond between you and your dog. I would like to explain why grooming is an important part if you have a pet. While talking about grooming I would like to categorize it into two factors. The first one is grooming a house pet & the other one is grooming a confrontation show dog. If you are one who wants to take part in confrontation shows you must consider to assign a professional groomer who can take care of this precisely although I always prefer the dog owner should always groom their dog on their own. Now if you are a house pet owner you don’t need to worry about hiring someone for grooming your dog / pup. I get so many calls from dog owner who ask me if I can groom their dog professionally. Well I am not a professional dog groomer but yeah while doing my dog training courses I had few segments in my study materials on grooming and its importance. When I go to train my client’s dog the grooming part is included with the training courses. If dog owners groom their dog in a daily routine from the very beginning then it will not be a difficult task for any pet owner. I have seen many adult dogs who never allow their owners to groom them specially to cut nails & brushing. There are two main reasons for these dogs not allowing their owner to groom them: The first reason is that the dog doesn’t respect the owner (rank issues within the pack) and the second reason is that the dog is not used to grooming so often from his puppyhood by the owner. Both problems can be solved if the dog owners start to establish him as a fair pack leader (firm & consistent). If some of you have the problems which I just explained here feel free to send your queries in "FAQ" segment.

Some essential grooming activity which should be done often:

Brushing: No matter how often or seldom you bath your dog but you should consider brushing him everyday. Brushing your dog regularly not only cleans its coat but also keep the coat free from bad odor, it helps to promote a healthy skin as well. There are different kind of pet brushes available in the market choose the one that fits your dog.

1.      Bristle Brushes: This product can be used for all dog breeds including cats. The bristle brushes help to remove dirt & make the hair shiny.

2.      Slicker  Brushes: Slicker Brushes have rows of thin wires that are slightly bent to de-matt the undercoat and remove dead hair. These products are suitable for dogs that have thick undercoat but short hair.

3.      Wire-Pin Brushes: These grooming brushes are my favorite as you can use it in both ways. These brushes have bristles in one side and wire-pins in another side. The bristles help to remove the dirt & wire-pins help to massage the skin gently. These products are suitable for long coat dogs but can be used on short coat dogs & cats as well.

4.      Wire-Pin Brushes: Can be used in wet coat during bathing and also in dry coat to remove dead hairs.


Nail Clipping: Almost all dog owners seldom cut their dog’s nail until they notice the nails are too big and beaked but the fact is you should keep the nails always trimmed even if it gets a little bigger than the usual. There are many reasons you should try to trim it so often. Pet owner who have ever cut their dog’s nail will notice dogs have a blood supply vessel (Quick) inside the nail, if you cut the nail without noticing the blood vessel; blood will start to come out instantly. Many of you may not be aware of the fact that these blood vessels get longer as the nail grows but if you keep the nails shaped & small gradually the blood vessels will also start to recede, as the nail gets shorter so does the blood vessel. Another reason you should do it (clipping/filing) often is to make the dog being used with this activity otherwise your dog (especially adult dogs) will start to show his unwillingness towards nail cutting (growling, showing teeth, whining these are few examples). But with proper trainings (Marker Training) this problem can be solved in most dogs. If anyone has this problem with his dog feel free to write to us below in “Ask a Question” section. This is my advice to use a good quality clipper always. 



Ear Cleaning: How often you should clean your dog’s ear depends on each individual, in few dogs ear wax productions comes much quicker than other ones. It’s always better to check your dog’s ear everyday to see if there are any irritations, redness in the ear canal, stinky odors, sensitivity, and discharge from the ears or masses around the ear area. You can use any good ear drop which is designed for dogs or you may ask your veterinarian which one to use for that particular purpose. If your dog gets too much ear infections that could be the reason of his diet as well so try to feed him foods which contain less of grains.


Cleaning Anal Gland: Cleaning your dog’s anal gland shouldn’t be so often unless the dog has any sort of problems with it. Holistic vet Dr. Karen Becker explains about it. 


Bathing: Bathing your dog can be little confusing by expert views. Few experts say you should bath your dog often and few say you shouldn’t. Sometimes it depends on the climate that how often a dog takes bath. In winters I don’t bath my dogs until their coats are noticeable dirty & until they smell bad although they smell bad very seldom neither we do have any doggy odors inside our house. The reason is, every day I do brush my dogs which promotes a healthy skin & coat. I generally bath them once or twice a month during winter or more less. During summer I do bath them once in a week but it’s not because they smell but to keep their body cooler in high temperature. I also dry bath them and towels wipe them quite frequently like twice or thrice in a weak (summer & winter). Sometime over bathing can cause irritations on your dog’s skin if the water dries up on dog’s coat which will cause bad odors from the skin/coat.

If you have any queries or views you can write to us in "FAQ" section.







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