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The owner, Asit Bhattacharya, is an ardent dog lover and a Certified Dog Training Professional. After completing his academics, He chose his passion to be his profession and has been training professionally for the last 8 years. Besides providing Dog Training, he helps the Dog Owners teach the Handling Skills to better manage their dogs and thereby better understand their pet friends, as the saying goes: A dog is a man’s best friend, and He helps you make sure that you understand your four-legged best friend even better providing you with those simple tips and techniques. Mentioned below are the courses, Asit has completed that equips him with the skills along with the various articles on Training & Health.


Establishing Pack Structure with your family Pet. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months. (By Ed Frawly)
Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)
4. The Power of Training Dogs with Food. (By Michael Ellis)
5. The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog. (By Michael Ellis)
6. Building Drive, Grip and Focus. (By Bernhard Flinks )
7. Training a Competition Healing Dog. (By Tom Rose)
8. Dealing with Aggressive and Dominant Dogs. (By Ed Frawly)
9. Training the Jumps. ( By Michael Ellis)
10. Training the Retrieve. ( By Michael Ellis)
11. The Object Guard Dog Training. ( By Michael Ellis)
12. How to raise a working Puppy. (By Ed Frawly)
13. The first step of Bite Training. (By Ed Frawly)
14. The Power Of Training Dogs With Markers. (By Michael Ellis )




1. How we Manage Dogs in Our Home- A Road Map to Success. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)


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Marker Training Foundations


“MARKER” often called “CLICKER” is a communication system between a human and an animal, this is a method that uses positive reinforcement such as a high value food treats followed by a click (with a clicker) or with a voice marker (the noise created by you) to mark the exact behavior being reinforced.

The time I started to train dogs (also few birds), 7 years ago, I was using a clicker to mark the behavior which I was trying to teach that dog. But later I realized that it’s always best to use my own voice to mark the behavior rather than using a clicker. I would like to Thank Mr. Ed Frawly (my instructor of leerburg online training courses) for his view on voice marking. I have been studying a large number of his training self-study paid videos and DVDs along with many informative articles that he has writen with his 50 years of experience in dog training and breeding. Ed frawly has bred over 350 litters of working bloodline Germen Shepherds and presently running one of the largest dog training businesses in the United States of America. Another person who I would like to thank is Michael Ellis, I have learned a lot of training skills for competitive dogs from his training DVDs which are also are sold by Ed Frawly at Leerburg . I have updated my self a lot with the help of these guys. Now back to the Marker Training.

The “Classical Conditioning” (part of marker training) was invented by a Russian Physiologist called “Ivan Petrovich Pavlov known as Ivan Pavlov. The Classical Conditioning or Pavlovian or Respondent Conditioning is a learning process in which an innate response to a potent stimulus comes to be elicited in response to a previously neutral stimulus; this is achieved by repeated pairings of the neutral stimulus with the potent stimulus. Together with “Operant Conditioning “(B.F Skinner an American Psychologist/Behaviorist is often referred to as the father of operant conditioning), classical conditioning became the foundation of behaviorism.

When an animal understands the marker you can teach almost any behavior to that animal. The Operant Conditioning has 4 quadrants which I have discussed in our “Competitive Obedience” category with complete details. I will also help you to understand  how to charge the marker to an animal in our segment called Basic Obedience.

The Main Three Markers I use:

YES - Positive marker to mark the desired behavior it is also the release marker (I liked the behavior the dog just did and its free now)

GOOD – Duration marker (to make the dog keep continuing the behavior he is doing)

No – Negative marker (to make the dog understand that the behavior he has just done is something that I didn’t like and that he has to do it all over again)

If you still have something to ask then just comment below or visit the section ”Ask A Question”  on our website and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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08 Aug, 2016, 3:58 PM
Hello Mr.Asit I live in kolkata & looking for a good certified trainer for my GSD puppy 4 months age but motivational training not forceful method. I have talked with few local trainers but they seem to have very poor knowledge & their methods are forceful. So I will be grateful if you can help me finding one or may be if you can come down by your self. Love your website.


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