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The owner, Asit Bhattacharya, is an ardent dog lover and a Certified Dog Training Professional. After completing his academics, He chose his passion to be his profession and has been training professionally for the last 8 years. Besides providing Dog Training, he helps the Dog Owners teach the Handling Skills to better manage their dogs and thereby better understand their pet friends, as the saying goes: A dog is a man’s best friend, and He helps you make sure that you understand your four-legged best friend even better providing you with those simple tips and techniques. Mentioned below are the courses, Asit has completed that equips him with the skills along with the various articles on Training & Health.


Establishing Pack Structure with your family Pet. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months. (By Ed Frawly)
Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)
4. The Power of Training Dogs with Food. (By Michael Ellis)
5. The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog. (By Michael Ellis)
6. Building Drive, Grip and Focus. (By Bernhard Flinks )
7. Training a Competition Healing Dog. (By Tom Rose)
8. Dealing with Aggressive and Dominant Dogs. (By Ed Frawly)
9. Training the Jumps. ( By Michael Ellis)
10. Training the Retrieve. ( By Michael Ellis)
11. The Object Guard Dog Training. ( By Michael Ellis)
12. How to raise a working Puppy. (By Ed Frawly)
13. The first step of Bite Training. (By Ed Frawly)
14. The Power Of Training Dogs With Markers. (By Michael Ellis )




1. How we Manage Dogs in Our Home- A Road Map to Success. (By Ed Frawly)
2. Basic Dog Obedience. (By Ed Frawly)


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 Articles on Health & Vaccination

Below find the list of articles on Health & Vaccination. Also you can search an article by typing in the provided Search Box. If you have any question related to this topic then simply click on Ask a Question link provided below.
 Remember all questions related to this topic can be found in General FAQ Section.

The most important thing about dog that you should consider is what you are feeding your Fido as a regular diet. Because DIET takes a big part of a dog’s health for rest of its life. By that I mean Species’ appropriate diet. Every animal has their own intestinal system designed for them to breakdown the food value to get the all needed nutrition. Like cows, goats and other herbivores have a larger Gastro intestinal tract rather than Carnivores like wolves and dogs. Herbivores animal’s GI tracts are designed for eating a large number of veggies from which it breaks down the food value they need.

What should I check before I choose a dry food for my dog
Its very important for you to know as to what kind of dry food your dog should eat. Below I have discussed about this topic a little bit. Please read carefully and if you want to ask anything write to us.
Commercial kibbles aka dog dry foods are very much known to almost everyone who have a dog/cat at their home, many of them also feed their pets dry foods as regular or occasional diet; in fact I do the same at my home as a pet owner. But choosing a well balanced all natural dry food is something one should consider before starting to feed our pets.

Foods that are toxic for dogs & they should never eat
Toxic foods for dogs.

Grapes & Raisins: Although the toxic sources are unknown but consuming this fruit can lead to damaged kidney in dogs. So make sure your dogs and pups are out of these fruits.
Garlic & Onion: Although a little amount of garlic is beneficial for dogs in their daily diet as this is an anti-inflammatory agent, anti-cancer agent, helps to regulate blood pressure, strengthen the body's defences against allergies and many more. I personally add garlic in my dog’s diet everyday. So giving reasonable amount of garlic has many benefits but do not exceed the limit. Never give onions to dog.

Vaccination is very important for all dogs and every pet owner should make sure that their puppy/dog  are given proper vaccines from time to time after consulting a Vet. But I personally have a vaccine protocol of my own and it’s very different from the stereotype protocols that I used earlier, especially for my own dogs.
Before  I start talking about vaccinations I would like to thank people Like Dr. Ronald SchultzDr. Karen Becker & Dr. W Jean Dodd & Mr. Ed Frawly who helped me to understand the reality of pet vaccines with their expertise.

Turmeric For Dogs

There are loads of benefit of Turmeric for your dog.Read the article.

As we all know that turmeric has been used in dog’s diet from a long time. As I have mentioned this so many times in my article that I have been keeping dogs from my childhood & since then I have seen my mom adding turmeric in their diet although we had no idea how precious this spice is for dogs, what my parents knew about it was that it has an anti-parasitical effects on dogs.

Grooming your pet is one of the wonderful ways to establish a good bond between you and your dog. I would like to explain why grooming is an important part if you have a pet. While talking about grooming I would like to categorize it into two factors. The first one is grooming a house pet & the other one is grooming a confrontation show dog. If you are one who wants to take part in confrontation shows you must consider to assign a professional groomer who can take care of this precisely although I always prefer the dog owner should always groom their dog on their own. 

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